Bottle Warmer (EBW388)

  • Authentic 3-in-1 bottle warmer is digitally controlled to heat milk, baby food and teat sterilization at precise temperature.
  • Easy one-hand operated.
  • Clear digital LED display.
  • Water dried out protection.
  • Auto off function.
  • Bird's eye view to check the temperature from a convenient overhead angle.
Milk warming:
  • Water temperature is preset at 42℃
  • Adjustable range: 10-60℃
Baby food heating:
  • Water temperature is preset at 75℃
  • Adjustable range: 61-90℃
Teat sterilizer:
  • Teat is sterilized at 99℃
  • 220-240V / 275-330W / 50-60Hz
Unit size:
  • 208(L) x 118(W) x 175(H) mm